Letter on partial birth abortion condemned

Phil Moses’ unnecessarily graphic account of partial birth abortion was profoundly disturbing and had no place taking up space in a newspaper.

Who takes pleasure, as Mr. Moses seemed to, in graphically explaining this disgusting procedure and writing to a paper so that others are exposed to his sadistic portrayal of this type of abortion?

Furthermore, his self-righteous, judgmental closing ("If it is not in your heart to pass the choice of life to the next generation . . . then you will eventually have some serious explaining to do") was laughable. Does he have the moral authority to judge the ethics of others, and how is he so knowledgeable about the "explaining" we’ll be doing in the afterlife?

As a pro-choice mother of three, simpletons like Mr. Moses need to understand that there are many, many things in this world as ugly as (or uglier than) abortion, such as horribly unfit parents who neglect, beat and kill children because they chose not to abort and later chose to do much worse.

Deal with this reality and attempt to keep the sickening, holier-then-thou judgmental condemnation of others at bay.

Sandra Bautista

Thousand Oaks

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