Kids can sail the summer at away at the Westlake Yacht Club

Lessons available for ages 9 to 17

The Westlake Yacht Club is offering eight weekly sessions of intensive sailing instruction this summer for kids age 9 to 17 starting June 18.

This year, the Summer Sailing Academy will use the yacht club’s fleet of 10 new RS Teras, fast 21st century single-handers.

The boats have features that are said to make sailing safe and easy, and they are quick and simple to rig, meaning more time on the water to improve skills and have fun.

The one-week course will provide interactive training by U.S. Sailing-certified instructors.

The sessions will cover boat rigging, knot tying, docking, working the wind, regattas, emergency training and daily racing.

A graduation ceremony and family barbecue will take place at the end of the week.

Kids who have completed the course can join the Junior Yacht Club dues-free for the first year, allowing them to sail and race with their peers on the lake, and participate in regional regattas at other sailing venues in Southern California.

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