Key questions still remain

As I watched the footage of the fires in this fire season, one reporter leaned over the barrier at the edge of the 118 Freeway, and ran her fingers through dried weeds that bordered that freeway.

I have been noticing as I drive the freeways that there are stretches along them that are overwhelmed by high dry weeds, “fire fodder.”

My feeling is that I have to clear the brush on my property, and every other individual that I know gets that letter each spring.

My question is: if I have to clear my brush, why doesn’t the highway department have to clear its brush? If I have to clear my brush, why doesn’t the state, city, county, power companies and other large companies who have brush-covered property have to clear theirs?

So far, I haven’t heard of any fires starting in backyards. Have I missed those reports?

We all know that it is Santa Ana winds season. We all know that they are an important factor in these fires, so how come the places where the fires erupt are not forced to clear the brush?

And why haven’t the power companies spent some of their profits on burying more power lines underground?

Suzanne Gallant
Westlake Village

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