In westside Calabasas, a true coming of age

As in Agoura Hills, commercial and residential development also dominated the conversation in Calabasas last year.

In 2017, construction began on the 78-home Paxton development, and plans for the Rondell Oasis hotel were finalized during the year with construction to start this spring. Both projects are on Las Virgenes Road.

Still another development is pegged for the west side: The West Village project will put 180 condos and a 5,700-square-foot retail center on a 77-acre lot at the intersection of Las Virgenes and Agoura roads.

Calabasas officials celebrated the completion of the Las Virgenes Road widening project in 2017. The work provided an additional lane of traffic in each direction as well as sidewalks, bike lanes and a crosswalk.

In other infrastructure improvements, the expansion of the $30-million Lost Hills freeway overpass drew closer to completion. Besides a wider bridge, freeway on- and off-ramps are being lengthened to alleviate rush-hour traffic.

The project was spurred by a $25-million lawsuit brought against the city after two child residents allegedly contracted botulism near the overpass in 2016.

Calabasas was rocked by several headline-grabbing crimes during the past year. In February two men robbed the Bank of America on Calabasas Road and took an undisclosed amount of money. The robbers were dubbed “The County Line Bandits” because their activities were focused near the border of Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

In August, home-invasion robbers struck a house on Charleston Drive. Two men knocked on the front door and forced their way inside when nobody answered. Once inside, they tied up the two residents and were joined by a third perpetrator.

The thieves stole $200,000 in cash, jewelry and personal items. Security footage of the robbery provided photographs of the three men, which were widely circulated to the public and helped police identify the perpetrators, who were arrested in September.