In support of Rancho Simi

I know that we are not the only family that is enormously grateful for the facilities, activities and dedicated caring individuals of the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District.

For decades they have continued to be an integral part of our community, bringing so much to us and our neighbors.

It is the thoughtful, creative guidance that the Simi board and Larry Peterson had exhibited that spurred me to volunteer to be a member of the Oak Park Advisory Committee these past five years.

Working on the many events and plans, I have seen only the highest of ideals and a complete openness to any and all questions as issues have arisen from local residents.

To me, the community of Oak Park gets so many benefits by being a smaller but important part of the larger park and recreation organization.

Our operational costs are much less than if we were to try to do these functions on our own. The costs of supplies and materials are less when purchased on a greater scale by the whole district.

The use of the trucks, mowers, hand equipment, staff, office overhead and working crew all are of benefit to us, as we are a smaller community.

I have witnessed the benefi- cial back and forth relationships between the communities of Oak Park and Simi Valley. Similarly, there have been situations where resources from the park district have benefitted the school district programs, and the school’s resources have benefitted the community park programs as the needs would arise.

I am confident in the vision and dedication to our community that I have experienced firsthand of Mr. Peterson and the Simi board members, especially Mr. Hostetler and Mr. Abele.

We have much to be thankful for in the able Oak Park staff under directors Renee Peace and Richard Lemmo.

I urge my fellow Oak Park residents of all ages to continue to take even greater advantage of the many gifts presented by our stellar park district.

James Ebert
Oak Park
Ebert is a former Oak Park
Park Committee chair.