In Calabasas, efficiency pays

Waste not, want not, says the Calabasas City Council.

The council recently adopted a program that will recognize city employees who offer ideas that save the city money, increase productivity, improve customer service, or eliminate an existing safety hazard.

An Efficiency and Innovation Program Award Committee has been established to reward those employees who make suggestions.

“(The award) is not to exceed 10 percent of the savings and if in some cases the savings cannot be measured, which could happen, an award of at least $50 may be given,” said Robin Parker, Calabasas assistant city manager “The award amount will be prorated when there are multiple suggesters.”

City Manager Tony Coroalles said the efficiency and innovation program was suggested by the new city council that was formed in March. When Calabasas Mayor Barry Groveman joined the council in 2003, he initiated a similar program that was subesquently cancelled.

“We wanted to look at revamping the old waste and inefficiency program and we decided, with the help of Councilmember (Jonathon) Wolfson, to take a positive spin on it and to have a proactive program that empowers every city employee to look for areas where we can do things better,” Coroalles said. “We want to test fire this (program) in the next few months . . . and see what kinds of ideas we get from (city employees) in terms of improved efficiencies and innovations.”

Wolfson said the city council members won’t be eligible for the monetary award, but added, “This is exciting and we can always expand it.”

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