Hunting Trump

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Linda LeVine for her poignant letter appearing Aug. 23.

LeVine and her granddaughter obviously are rational, caring and sensitive human beings, which I’m not sure exist in large numbers.

Anytime I mention to virtually anyone that I think dead animals hanging on the walls of offices, restaurants or homes is disgusting, offensive and barbaric, I’m told that I’m too much of a wimp.

Trump, unfortunately, in my estimation cares about his money and his ego more than anything else on Earth, as he overturned the trophy hunting ban that Obama had put in place during his administration.

Then again, Obama is a sensitive, compassionate and intelligent human being.

Don’t take my word for it. Do a search and you’ll see Trump’s two bumpkin sons on hunting safaris, proudly holding and posing next to dead leopards, bison and rhinos that they had just mercilessly freshly killed.

Some insecure individuals, apparently, need to prove their power and/or masculinity by killing innocent, defenseless animals with guns or bows and arrows, and hang their pelts, horns and heads on their walls to reassure themselves and/or brag about what great annihilators of nature they are and to revel in their brutality.

It is so evident that words like “evolving,” “caring,” “compassion,” “respect” and “love” don’t apply to many, but thank God we have some left in this world like LeVine and her granddaughter.

Tom Swift
Agoura Hills