Herbie fan club

Ahh, the Love Bug. So good to see the little guy in the Oct. 30 issue of the Acorn.

Herbie, the Love Bug came to fame at the Paramount Ranch Raceway in what is now Agoura Hills. He is truly one of ours.

For years now, living in this area, I’ve been wanting to raise interest in preserving the crumbling, first-of-its-kind raceway.

This is the raceway where “The Love Bug” was filmed, the raceway whose waterway, Malibu Creek, is the water the Love Bug crashed into.

My last inquiry into the matter revealed that the rangers at the ranch have a history of one of theirs championing the reconstruction of the raceway.

The protection of an area of the creek is blocking the idea. The area on which the historic figure-8 track crossover was located is the same area on which the protected creek is located.

Over the track’s crumbling years, the creek has created a rare fish habitat.

With all due respect to conservationists, there has to be some kind of compromise possible.

The track is a historic monument, a monument on which James Dean, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen and, last but not least, the Love Bug played roles.

It seems to me the reconstruction of the figure-8 racetrack can be accomplished one way or another. No one said it has to connect at the water.

Could there be a walking bridge built over that area? A commemorative spot? I hope so.

I hope it is not too late. The last time I was out there I could just barely make out the track.

Mary T. Ficalora
Thousand Oaks

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