Gruesome skinned cat discovery in Agoura Hills

A resident in the 30000 block of Janlor Drive in Agoura Hills told sheriff’s deputies that they found their pet cat on their front lawn Friday morning with its tail cut off and its torso skinned of all its fur.

The owner told The Acorn that the action did not result from a coyote or other predator attack, but was the purposeful action of a person who had cleanly and carefully removed the cat’s skin and cut off its tail. A mother and her child made the gruesome discovery while leaving their Lake Lindero home the morning of Aug. 17.

INVESTIGATION–A deputy from the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station arrives at the home to investigate the report of a cat mutilation.

A deputy from the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station was seen canvassing the neighborhood for clues as to who might have been responsible for the mutilation. While local pets are often the victim of coyote and even occasional bobcat or mountain lion attacks, the pet on Janlor Drive was said to be the object of a cold, calculated and perhaps ritualistic act by a human being.

Anybody with information about this or similar attacks is asked to call the sheriff’s station at (818) 878-1808.  


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