Fix Cal WaterFix

So the water district wants us to back a project called California WaterFix.

For those that aren’t paying enough to our local water delivery districts, Cal WaterFix is an infrastructure project that will address the efficiency of delivery from northern California.

Rate-payers will foot the bill for a pair of four-story pipes that travel 30 miles at an estimated cost of $17 billion. Are we willing to pay the exorbitant cost before addressing California water-rights laws that perpetuate waste within the system?

Isn’t it inefficient to transport water from the north before we address appropriation laws and conservation measures such as water-banking credits, storage and recycling methods?

Yes, the infrastructure needs to be upgraded using today’s technology but the twin tunnels will not correct the institutional inefficiency or supply us with more water during times of extended drought.

Intrusion of seawater into our aquifers happens when the aquifers are depleted. Has land subsidence in the central valley and aquifer recharge been addressed?

Funding this project now puts the cart before the horse and straps a financial burden on residents for generations to come.

Dani Brusius
Oak Park