Drive home the point regarding Starbucks plan

Agoura Hills will be deciding a new development proposal: a Starbucks drive-thru at the existing Kanan/Thousand Oaks Boulevard Starbucks.

The drive-thru will increase traffic 35%, according to a report. The traffic there is intolerable at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. when both school districts are in session.

Agoura Hills Planning Commission’s hearing on this more traffic producing project is tentatively scheduled for June 20. Please make your voice heard by attending the hearing or emailing the decision makers that you do not want more traffic at that already congested location.

There is a better drive thru location for Starbucks to consider: one of the empty retail stores at Whizin marketplace. Commuters can then more easily zip on the Chesebro on ramp to work points east to the valley and LA.

Mary Wiesbrock
Agoura Hills

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