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We all, at some point, long for that special getaway.

Whether it’s snorkeling along the shoreline of a tropical island, relaxing aboard a posh cruise liner headed to Alaska or camping in the Sierra mountains with family and friends, the change of scenery represents a refreshing change of pace.

Even unwelcome travel mishaps can bring unexpected surprises. After all, a journey is not an adventure if everything goes exactly as planned.

Vacationing allows us to press pause on the routine and appreciate how abundant and diverse life is in America and abroad. It’s a chance to surrender and experience with all our senses.

Not only do we get to explore new places, but we also get to meet new people. Conversations with strangers aboard an airplane or with family during those long car rides can help us connect with each other.

In life, all encounters matter. Some lead to everlasting friendships. Others are brief exchanges at a cafe, on a trail or on a tour bus somewhere overseas. Even short exchanges can make a big impression.

Traveling allows us to expand our horizons and share slices of life with other people we would not meet if we had stayed home. And it allows us to appreciate what we have at home.

Speaking of home, theAcorn Newspapers has been celebrating cherished getaways for more than four decades with our Take Your Acorn on Vacation photo contest. The rules are simple: Just snap a photo of yourself on vacation while holding up a copy of The Acorn. With smartphones ever ready, the process is easier than ever.

This year, local residents took The Acorn to a variety of interesting backdrops and made use of several props, including a roller coaster, a gondola and an ATV. It’s nice to see our readers pointing to their favorite community newspaper in such interesting locations.

The Take Your Acorn on Vacation photo contest is more than an opportunity to share good times with neighbors; it’s an annual contest that comes with a payoff. This year, there will be one lucky winner who will score a $300 prize and be featured on the front page of the paper.

But don’t delay: The time is now for readers to choose a winner. The deadline to vote is Sun., Oct. 16. And you’re not picking first, second and third, just your three top favorites.

Go to contest/ and vote in one or in all five Acorn contests.

Winners will be announced in the newspaper and online on Fri., Oct. 21.

Don’t be shy—go vote now.