Don Zimring fits the bill

My children graduated from Calabasas High school long ago. Bud Marley was the superintendent then. Since his retirement, the district has chosen capable successors; however, in my opinion, none more qualified than Donald Zimring.

Like the suit that fits perfect after you find it, Dr. Zimring was waiting to be found by the trustees who make the decision on the superintendent. He was there all along, the experienced force guiding those who held the position since Dr. Marley.

I am not an educator, and there are those who would argue my ability to venture into the HR world is improper. My field is taxation, a discipline far removed from education.

I argue, however, that when I served on the Calabasas Education Fund and listened to Donald Zimring respond to questions posed to him he responded with clear, concise nonpolitical words that impressed me, just as he did on Thurs., Sept. 27 when he addressed the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce on the state of education in Calabasas and California.

The Las Virgenes School District is fortunate to have such a dedicated, hardworking man at the helm; however, I wonder why it took this long for the fit to be found.

Sometimes it takes time for the proper decision to be made. I should have written this weeks ago when I first heard of the decision to elevate Dr. Zimring. I am glad, however, I’m doing it now. Donald Lucove Calabasas

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