Doesn’t it bug you when . . .

We’re fed up, had enough and don’t want to take it any more. But don’t know what to do about it, either. . .except complain.

Time again for another installment of “Doesn’t it bug you when?”

Ours is a mostly trouble-free community, all things considered, so don’t expect anything major here, just a few of life’s annoying little moments.

Here’s this week’s list of favorite frustrations:

Doesn’t it bug you when a large vehicle, usually an SUV, takes up two spots in the parking lot?

. . .when parking spaces are two skinny to begin with?

Doesn’t it bug you when the neighbor’s dog starts barking at 6:30 a.m., and provides an encore 10 p.m.?

. . .when your yard is chosen as the favorite dog waste depository?

Doesn’t it bug you when the electricity goes out and then you have to reset all the digital clocks?

. . .when the electricity goes out and so does the air conditioning?

Doesn’t it bug you when somebody (not you) leaves dirty dishes on the counter?

. . .when the kids’ room looks like a tornado came through?

Doesn’t it bug you when the line next to you at the store goes faster than yours?

. . .when the person in line in front of you fumbles with wallets, cards and coupons?

Doesn’t it bug you when the person behind you at the movie theater feels compelled to carry on a running dialogue?

. . .when you can’t build up the nerve to ask them to shut up?

Doesn’t it bug when the kid in front of yours in the batting order strikes out to end the inning?

. . .when the refreshments mom forgets that it’s her turn to pony up?

Doesn’t it bug you when a seemingly healthy person has permission to park in a handicap space?

. . .when that person is driving a small sports car?

Doesn’t it bug you when cellphones are asked to be turned off in a room, and then someone’s cellphone rings? . . .when your cellphone company charges you full price for dropped calls?

If you feel like venting about life’s little unpleasantries, please e- mail your “Doesn’t it bug you when?” contributions to It bugs us when your name, address and phone number aren’t included.

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