Disillusioned by new project

The City Council and developers have really gone too far this time. We’ve been lied to, screwed over and betrayed. There is total disregard for nature, our safety and a peaceful way of life.

I’m referring to the wall of buildings, concrete monster strip mall, The Ave, coming to Agoura Hills.

The only people who seem to be in favor of carving up the mountains and building an Encino like shopping mall are those who will be gaining financially.

The after-effects will be horrendous for all of us. Just trying to leave our homes for simple errands will be close to impossible. It’s obviously not about us or our right to a peaceful and safe existence.

Regarding the public forum, the speaker, Brad Rosenheim, tried his best to convince us that the Agoura Village will be like Emerald City in “The Wizard of Oz.”

He said it would be a wonderful addition to the community, but I am already choking on the thought of the additional upcoming traffic congestion.

The speaker kept referring to the project over and over again as a “gathering place for our enjoyment.”

In my opinion, a gathering place for our enjoyment conjures up images of an open-air market place, a swim and tennis club or a country club, not this concrete monstrosity.

Nature is being nibbled away and now the plan is to devour a gigantic portion of our community “for our enjoyment.”

This is not a celebration. This is a disaster.

This will be a gathering place of misery. Stop the madness before it’s too late.

Rhoda Silver
Agoura Hills