Corner turned

Congratulations to the concerned citizens who successfully turned back the Cornerstone over-development project, following the long and expensive process to fight our own city just like Old Agoura and friends did against the city to save Chesebro Meadow.

Before there were the local cities, it was commonplace to fight county over-development by leaders who were beholden to the developers rather than the citizens. This was the reason for creating the cities.

After the first Agoura Hills Council needed a second election to roust three of the members who exhibited similar developer devotion, we were in the good hands of many great leaders over the years.

They commissioned a citizen panel to create the Agoura Village Plan for orderly development that would not ruin the city and nearby neighborhoods while bringing useful services and plenty of business to a vital city.

The first project to come before the current council was Cornerstone and the council acted just like the old county bosses by approving something that was not in the plan.

This week another project championed by some of the same developer liaisons will be heard at a public meeting. Will the current council act properly and make it fit the plan or will we need to again roust out some of them at the next election?

Phil Ramuno
Old Agoura