Community foundation accepting nominations for Golden Acorn

The Community Foundation for Oak Park has announced that nominations are now open for the Golden Acorn Award, which honors residents of Oak Park who volunteer their time and efforts to benefit their community.

Recipients are dedicated to serving the community without seeking rewards.

Criteria for the award include being an Oak Park resident during the period the service was rendered, providing service without pay, and demonstrating a willingness to continue to serve Oak Park in the future.

Service should be multifaceted, not in only one area. Previous recipients have included Oak Park residents Ron Stark, David Ross, Steve Iceland, Harvey Kern and the late Jack Monico.

Nominations should be in the form of a letter to the president of the community foundation, David Ross (P. O. Box 291, Agoura, CA 91376-0291). The letter should summarize the candidate’s community service and indicate why that person should be honored.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Sept. 15.

The Golden Acorn will be presented at the foundation’s election forum scheduled for October.

Further information is available from Ross at (818) 889-7078 or from the foundation website at

The Golden Acorn is not affiliated with The Acorn newspapers.

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