Clarity from the politicians

“Seats of power” is what we call our city halls, government centers and state capitals. I wish we had a better description. One not so threatening. One more in tune with what these buildings should be all about.

It would be great to refer to these buildings as society’s “solution centers,” but that would assume we could elect some problem solvers to office.

Instead these “seats” attract people and behaviors that do not solve our problems. They are seats reserved for those craving power, influence and money.

The attraction of these seats of power is potent, not only for what they attract on the inside but on the outside as well. In the close vicinity of many of these seats of power in much of the country exists extreme poverty, homelessness, drug abuse and crime. Our elected officials are unable to solve our problems only just outside their door.

What is it about these city halls, government centers and state capitals that attract, both inside and out, personalities and behaviors that don’t serve us well? We seem to operate in a manner that attracts to our seats of power, those interested solely in personal gain. And repels those interested in and capable of solving problems in an environment where they can maintain their dignity and integrity.

Our best hope for electing better people to serve us is to take private money out of campaigning and lobbying. It never made sense to me why a candidate with an ability to raise money, but no ability to craft and articulate specific solutions to our problems, should have the advantage.

Now if only we could hear a candidate say, “This is exactly what I’m going to do and this is how I’m going to do it.”

Steve Marks
Oak Park

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