City should have left the box up

To the family and the young lady who got hurt by running into the Beacon Box, I am terribly sorry that happened to you, and I hope you have healed by the time you read this.

To Mayor Lopez, please reconsider your knee-jerk reaction to remove the Beacon Box. Not having the information readily available in that easily-accessible neighborhood box, so that outside emergency responders do not risk wasting precious time looking for another box during an emergency, is a much greater risk to our community in the long run.

While I am sorry that the young lady was hurt by running into the box, I would think that she and her family, let alone our entire neighborhood, would be in a worse spot overall by not having the information readily available in that box in the future.

Given the problem was that the young lady was looking down during the incident, did you consider simply painting a bright yellow square on the ground surrounding the pole to aid anyone walking by who would be looking at their feet instead of ahead of while they are walking?

It was not the Beacon Box’s location that was the issue. This proposal is a more safety-conscious solution to rectifying this situation and maintain the significant benefit that these boxes provide to our entire community.

Your current decision to take down the box has put our neighborhood at risk of losing precious time and causing greater suffering in the event of another serious fire.

Thank you in advance for considering my request. I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Mark Hyman
Agoura Hills