CEO Carol Washburn leaving Calabasas Chamber

Carol Washburn

Carol Washburn

Carol Washburn, president and CEO of the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce, announced she will retire from the chamber on Feb. 28, 2011.

A resident of Calabasas since 1971, Washburn has been a key figure in the building of the business and community enterprise of Calabasas and the West San Fernando Valley through such signature events asuch as the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival, annual wine tastings, golf tournaments, Fourth of July fireworks shows. Washburn was in charge of the Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce for 13 years prior to her present position.

Washburn worked to create business development programs, workforce education, business workshops, and seminars and programs that brought VIPs from industry and government to speak to the Calabasas and West Valley business community.

The Calabasas Chamber grew appreciably under her leadership.

Washburn will work with the chamber’s board of directors to locate and hire a new president.

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