Calabasas gains pole position

Electricity lines replaced

Southern California Edison will be replacing power poles at eight locations in Calabasas starting April 2. The work is expected to last three weeks

Rudy Gonzales, the agency’s government relations manager, said the replacements are routine work.

“We have a systematic approach to inspecting our poles,” he said. “They’re inspected periodically, and if we identify them as being structurally susceptible to failure then we schedule work to replace (them).”

He also said poles that can’t accommodate the load required will be replaced with larger ones.

Poles will be replaced on Peacock Court, Blue Bird Drive, Declaration Avenue, Dardenne Street, Eddingham Avenue, Mullholland Highway and Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road, and at Headwaters Corner.

The work is part of a larger Edison push to replace poles at some 30 locations in the area. Gonzales said several poles have already been replaced but there are 22 more, including the eight in Calabasas that need attention.

Gonzales said SCE is taking commuters’ needs into consideration while scheduling the work.

He said scheduling depends on where the job is taking place. Commercial developments would see the work done at night while businesses are closed. In residential areas the work is determined by traffic patterns.

“The city will restrict us as to when we can be on the road based on the amount of traffic driving through,” he said. “We definitely try to avoid impacting any schools during the school day and . . . businesses during the business day, so we have to be kind of flexible.

“There’s a lot of factors that go into when to schedule work at each location. We factor all that in and hopefully we can work in cooperation with the city to get all this work done.”

Gonzales said he wasn’t sure if the replacement work would require planned outages but said that if that were required, SCE would inform its customers several days in advance so they can plan accordingly.