Bond measure will protect the state’s future

On Tues., June 5, you will be able to vote on Proposition 68, a $4.1-billion ballot measure that will provide funds toward parks, the environment and water projects throughout California.

This is a simple majority vote, general obligation bond. As a bond, it is paid back through the state’s general fund over a 20- to 30-year period of time. It is not an assessment or tax on local property.

The advantages to our area in helping protect and enhance our quality of life makes this a proposition worthy of your support.

Proposition 68 was put on the ballot by a two-thirds bipartisan vote of the Legislature and not by paid signature gatherers.

It has broad public support from across the state, including cities, local park districts, environmental organizations, the California Chamber of Commerce, the Metropolitan Water District and many civic organizations.

Many of the categories of funding in Proposition 68 would benefit our region. Most of the funds would be distributed by the state conservancies, such as the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the Wildlife Conservation Board, Department of Fish and Wildlife, local cities, water and park districts, Department of Natural Resources and other agencies.

All of our local cities and park districts will receive funds and also have a representative on the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Advisory Council, which will influence which regional projects should be funded with grants. Local water districts are also eligible for regional water projects.

Pavley is a former City of Agoura Hills mayor and a member of both the California Assembly and Senate.