Bike lanes are for safety

The writer of last week’s letter opposing Potrero Road bike lanes seems to feel that the lanes are not justified because, in his words, they “would be exclusively for recreational purposes without any commuting value.” He goes on to analogize the bike lane with a recreational park project, and states that the project “benefits too few, for recreational purposes only”

I think the writer missed the boat on the purpose and benefit of the proposed bike lanes on Portrero. Those who ride bikes won’t be having a more awesome or fun ride with the addition of a bike lane. OK, maybe not fearing a collision with a car will make the ride more fun.

The purpose of the bike lane is solely for safety, not for recreational purposes. Recreational bike riders will be on Potrero and elsewhere, regardless.

Some bike riders will intentionally use Potrero because it will have bike lanes, a safer alternative to mixing with traffic in other areas without bike consideration. Shouldn’t that be encouraged?

Providing a safe place to ride a bike will benefit everyone who uses the roadway, whether they be in a car, motorcycle or bicycle, and it may even prevent an injury or death—that alone would be well worth the cost.

Thank you to Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks and the board members for recognizing this important need.

B. Kruger