Beware the Brandywine dog

On Thursday evening, Sept. 30 around 6 p.m., I was walking our dogs when the smallest one was savagely attacked by a non-restrained, free running, over 50-pound pit bull that rushed out of a house on upper Brandywine Drive. I was concerned for our poor dog’s life.

Our poor bichon was very badly bitten and needed extensive hours of long surgery, now twice, at a veterinarian hospital. She will make a recovery, which we hope will be full, but it will be long and painful, and at least two other vet visits, possibly with more surgery.

It is my desire to warn you of the extreme danger to pets and children of this large and extremely vicious pit bull to run free. While our dog will likely recover, if it had been a small child the result may have been much worse.

I ask you to use extreme caution when walking your dogs or children on Brandywine Drive in case the dog is again running loose, since it is likely to attack you, your dog, your children or grandchildren.

With Halloween and then the holiday season, children are more likely to be on the street.

Thanks for your attention to our warning.

Fred Dennis

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