Another possible animal mutilation reported in Agoura

Occurred week before Aug. 17 incident

The Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department is investigating another incident of possible animal cruelty in Agoura Hills. Two animals, a cat and a rabbit, were found within a week of each other in August skinned of all their fur from neck to tail.

Detectives aren’t saying whether the cases might be related.

The first report came when a mother was taking her child to school the morning of Aug. 17 from their home on Janlor Drive in Agoura Hills and found the family’s pet cat on their front lawn with its torso stripped of its fur and tail cut off.

The woman told The Acorn she believes the mutilation did not result from a coyote or other predator attack, but was the purposeful action of a person who had cleanly and carefully removed the cat’s skin and cut off its tail. Sheriff’s deputies canvassed the Lake Lindero neighborhood looking for home video and other clues as to what might have happened. Nothing was reported found.

Following the incident, a second report came in about a rabbit that had been discovered a week earlier in the 6000 block of Chesebro Road in Old Agoura.

A resident in the neighborhood alerted sheriff’s deputies about a rabbit being found on the road Aug. 11 that had lost its fur only, similar to the Lake Lindero cat a week later.

The rabbit was neither run over nor torn apart as if it were hit by a car or attacked by a predator, the person who found the rabbit told The Acorn.

“I’m pretty sure I can recognize road kill from mutilation,” said the resident, who asked to keep their identity anonymous.

The resident reported the rabbit discovery to the sheriff’s department.

“Hopefully it’s just an isolated incident,” said Lost Hills Sheriff’s Det. Steven Colitti, who is investigating both Agoura Hills cases.

Colitti said the sheriff’s department Juvenile Team was alerted to an Old Agoura teen whose recent behavior, according to witnesses, could be the sign of someone with a penchant toward animal mutilation. Colitti didn’t say whether the male teen is a suspect, only that his behavior is being examined.

“Animal mutilation is a bad sign,” the Old Agoura resident said. “It’s usually the sign of a very disturbed individual. . . . This is too coincidental to have two incidents like this so close to one another.”

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control is assisting in the investigation.