Announcing Shlomo Steven Frankel, D.D.S.



Shlomo Steven Frankel, D.D.S., who was raised in Los Angeles and graduated from the USC School of Dentistry, is a dual-trained specialist in pediatrics (board certified) and orthodontics, allowing the most comprehensive treatment possible for children.

His office is a boutique dental practice providing every possible dental solution for the growing child in one location.

Frankel’s practice offers trauma relief, behavior management, sedation dentistry and all phases of orthodontics including Invisalign and clear brace options.

The office at the corner of Kanan Road and Sunnycrest Drive in Oak Park is conveniently located within walking distance of many schools for after class appointments.

Digital, low dose X-rays and sterilization protocol are always used at the office.

Frankel uses the most advanced treatment modalities available as well as also traditional practices.

He trained with a renowned cleft lip and palate team and is comfortable with the most challenging children.

The practice has easy appointments with Sundays and after school availability.

For more information, call (818) 233-8400. The practice is at 368 Kanan Road, Oak Park.