Actor, voice artist to share tips for making, selling audiobooks

Will speak at writers club meeting
David Stifel

David Stifel

Actor and award-winning book narrator David Stifel will present “Audiobooks: The Why and How for Authors” at 1 p.m. Sat., Dec. 1 in the Saban Community Room, Motion Picture and TV Fund, 23388 Mulholland Drive, Woodland Hills.

The event will take place during the regular meeting of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the California Writers Club.

Stifel will share the necessary steps a celebrity and writer must know to take advantage of the new opportunities available in the production and distribution of audiobooks.

“There can be good money in audiobooks if you have a successful title,” says Stifel, “and audio is now expected, just like print and ebooks.”

Stifel, who attended Yale School of Drama, has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, including the man who blindly sold drugs to Tom Cruise in “Minority Report.”

He entered audio recording by launching a long-term podcast serializing the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, which are in the public domain.

He began booking narration work through Audible’s

Stiefel was a double award winner at the inaugural 2018 Audiobook Listener Awards for Best Lit RPG (literary role playing game), “Awaken Online: Precipice” by Travis Bagwell, and Best Biography/Autobiography, “Trout Friends and Other Riff-Raff,” by Bill Stokes.

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