Acorn’s new pet coverage ticks all the right boxes

Pets, especially dogs and cats, are a part of the family, a part of some people’s very soul.

“My little dog—a heartbeat at my feet,” the great writer Edith Wharton once said about her beloved little buddy.

Pets comfort us and they make our lives whole. Without them at our side comes a real possibility of sadness.

Acorn readers love their canine and feline companions. Pet of the Week, for example, has been one the newspaper’s most popular features over the years. The weekly photo from the animal shelter has helped put hundreds of displaced pets into new forever homes. In addition, Squirrel of the Month photos are submitted by readers who seem as fascinated by The Acorn mascot as we are.

Not long ago, we added a new page in the newspaper called Critter Corner, which is devoted to stories about our furry, feathered, and reptilian friends. Readers send in pet adventure tales and we publish them under the headline Critter Tails. And soon, owners will have the opportunity to submit an obituary to The Acorn for their dearly departed pet. Keep your eye on these pages.

Today, we continue our commitment to serving the animal lover in the community by starting a three-part series titled “Pets, pests and predators.” (See Page 23.)

Dangers lurk around every corner and under every rock, and today’s first installment talks about fleas and how such a small pest can be such a big problem. Read on and you’ll learn how to keep your pet safe, clean and healthy, even when the scratching seems like it never ends.

In future installments you’ll find helpful information about ticks, bees, wasps and mosquitoes—and bigger threats such as snakes, coyotes and mountain lions.

Your pet is too valuable to take chances with pests and predators.

As summer approaches, a whole new set of problems arises with hot cars, hot pavement and dangerous vegetation. We’ll be discussing those topics in the future.

Keep your Acorn handy and our pet experts will do their best to keep Fido and Fluffy safe—because there’s no denying the fact that all of us love our pets unconditionally, even when we find that occasional unexpected present lying in the middle of the living-room floor.