10 questions with Agoura’s Brittany Oster

ON  A ROLL—Agoura  High junior  guard/forward  Brittany Oster  has  helped  lead  the Chargers to three tournament victories already this season.

ON A ROLL—Agoura High junior guard/forward Brittany Oster has helped lead the Chargers to three tournament victories already this season.

Junior Brittany Oster has been a dominant force for the upstart Agoura High girls’ basketball squad this season.

A three-year starter for the Chargers, Oster, who plays both guard and forward, entered the week as Agoura’s leading rebounder (10.4 per game) and was second on the team in points (16.3), assists (3.2) and blocks (1.4) per contest.

Prior to Monday’s practice session at AHS, the Acorn caught up with Oster for 10 questions. Here’s what she had to say:

Q) Can you believe the Chargers started the season 13-1?

A) During the summer I had a feeling that we were going to be good, but I didn’t expect us to be this good. Now that the season has progressed, I have a good feeling about us getting even better.

Q) What’s been the secret to the team’s success thus far?

A) We all play together. Everybody has a little part that they need to do, and we all do our jobs. We play well as a team.

Q) How much has the addition of freshman Kylie Cunningham, the team’s leading scorer, meant to this ballclub?

A) She is a big part of our team. She’s our point guard, and she definitely helps us by scoring a lot.

Q) Junior guard Sasha Borenstein doesn’t get a ton of press, but she’s a big part of the offense, correct?

A) She is a big part of our offense. She’s a great shooter, and whenever she’s hot we like to kick it out to her. She’s a great 3-point shooter.

Q) The girls’ and boys’ basketball teams at Agoura entered the week with a 25-3 combined record. How much excitement is there in the gym and around campus?

A) In the gym, everybody is always working hard. You can tell that we have two very good programs that are working together. We’ve only had one home game, but in that game everyone was very, very fired up. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see the boys’ games.

Q) So who’s better, the boys or the girls?

A) I’d have to say the girls, but … (laughing).

Q) Your team lost at Newbury Park, 5442, in midDecember. What did the Chargers learn from that experience?

A) We learned that any team can win on any given day. And playing in the Marmonte League, you have to come out ready to play together as a team. If we’re having an off game, we have to learn how to do something else and pick each other up.

Q) When was the last time the Agoura girls’ basketball team won a Marmonte championship?

A) We have never won a Marmonte League title.

Q) Can you do it this season?

A) I think there’s a very good chance we can.

Q) Four Marmonte team will make the playoffs. Which teams will they be?

A) Us, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks and probably Royal. — Stephen Dorman

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