2017-06-15 / Letters

‘Phony’ uproar from the right

In watching recent events unfold, what letter-writer Vic Miranda called a “fait accompli,” in his self-righteous pseudo-patriotic screed, is looking less certain. Likewise, letter-writer Brian Goldenfeld has assured us that man-made climate change is a hoax.

These are folks whose views of economics are modeled after robber barons, whose view of foreign policy is derived from John Wayne films and whose idea of unity is that of fundamentalist Jim Crow.

If Kathy Griffin had held up Hillary Clinton’s severed head, she would have been asked to become the keynote speaker at the next Republican Convention.

Now we see all this self-righteous indignation from the predictable gaggle of flat-earth types who reject science anytime it conflicts with superstition; who embrace a definition of racism so narrow that if you are not presently burning a cross on a lawn you cannot possibly be a racist; and who have concocted a shameless revisionist fantasy narrative in which conservatives are champions of civil rights.

All this phony consternation from the same folks who made it abundantly clear they were unhappy with a black president with images of President Obama being lynched and in every obscene way imaginable.

Kathy Griffin has wrought forth a zombie apocalypse of the same frightened lynch mob who enabled the current situation to exist. If they were really interested in demonstrating outrage at something truly obscene, they would cite the president’s budget.

Larry Brown
Agoura Hills

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