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Happy Father's Day

This Father’s Day we asked our readers to describe their favorite Dad moment, a loving tribute to the man who means so much. Here’s what they said . . .

One of my favorite moments with my dad was when we went to a park and played the hot lava game. We pretended the wood chips would burn us and we had to stay on the equipment not to burn.

Lydia Noffke, 5¾
Agoura Hills

Dear Daddy,

We love you so much! You are always there for us, and you have a giant place in your heart for us. We play with fidget spinners together and watch “Family Guy.” You always make us laugh, and we love that about you! We are so grateful for all of the things you do for us. You are the best dad anyone could ever have, and we both love you very much. We love it when we get to go to the park together and play sports. We love you very much. Love,

Madi and Nellie Lata
Oak Park

Dear Dad,

What I like about my dad is that he is really caring. He likes to play with me. We play with the blocks, and we like to play Dungeons and Dragons. We also like to wrestle! My dad taught me how to skateboard. He showed me how to push off and brake. Now I’m great at it! My dad is really silly and he loves monkeys. He makes me laugh! I love my dad.

Jack Powledge, 6
Agoura Hills

I love my dad because he always cleans up for me, always plays football with me and he loves me. I like when he coaches my team and helps us win games. But I don’t like when he tries to smush me. My dad is special because we always sing Billy Joel songs together and he practices basketball with me outside. I love my dad. Love,

Dylan Goosen, 10½

My dad’s mentality has always been focused around overcoming your challenges because you can’t reach your potential when you’re being suppressed. If there’s one thing my dad has taught me it’s that you can’t achieve your goals until you beat your monsters. I’ve learned that monsters don’t always breathe fire; they can breathe cancer and trial and loss. Some monsters are harder and take longer to destroy, but there was never a beast my dad couldn’t conquer. My dad inspires me to prevail against my monsters and continue testing boundaries.

Kearston Stepenosky

Dear Dad,

Through every moment in my life, through every conflict and change, you have been there for me, Dad. Even when you are going through harder times than I, you have made room for me. In all my life, you have been a role model. A hero. Someone to look up to. You are one of a kind, and you have never let me down. You are my moral compass. You are amazing beyond comprehension. I love you more than you can understand.

Sean Stepenosky

Dear Dado,

Happy Father’s Day! You are the best. We love all the times you take us to Disneyland and concerts. We love all the time we get to spend together as a family. You are special to us in many ways because you love and care for us. You help us with schoolwork, take us to fun places and are always there when we need you. Thank you so much for being our dad! Love,

Jimmy, Daniel and Benny Berman

I love my dad. He’s handsome and he takes care of me. He gives me snacks. He’s helpful because when I tell him to do something, sometimes he’ll do it. He’s a good basketball coach and is fun to play with. He teaches me how to fold towels and shirts. And he’s awesome. Love

Kendall Goosen, 6


Berman, husband, dad, and zada who for 50-plus years has always taken care of us all—and who always makes us laugh with his awesome goofiness while he’s doing it. A man of incomparable kindness and humor, you make each of us feel loved and cherished. A well-traveled and smart man who is loved by everyone who knows him, but especially by his family. We are so grateful for you. We love you to the moon and back.

Love, your children: Carina, Ari, Ellen, Devin, Erica, Scott and Pedro; and grandchildren: Julia, Craig, Austin, Seth and Eli.

Carina Hastings
Thousand Oaks


Girl Scout Las Virgenes Service Unit Junior and Cadette Troop No. 306 Leader: Jill Wishner

The father-daughter dance is one of the most memorable experiences I have had with my dad. I love that he also took my friend Vivian; I thought that was a very caring thing to do. When he can he always participates in the things I do, like Girl Scout camping, dances or other events at school. I am grateful to have him as my dad. I love him to the moon and back a million times!

Thousand Oaks

I love you, Dad! You are funny, amazing, creative, adventurous, handy, awesome and truly the best dad ever! I love how every year when we go camping at Yosemite, we throw wood in the fire and roast s’mores. I love the times we spend together!

Agoura Hills

I have made prints of my little hands so you can remember when I was little and cute. I will grow as the years pass by, but all my love for you will always last forever! Happy Father’s Day!

Agoura Hills


You make me laugh. I remember when my English teacher had quotes on the white board and you said, “How come nothing I said is on there?”

Agoura Hills


You are interesting—cool (in your own way), kind, funny, caring, awesome to be with. You’re also very nice. Thanks for being the best dad in the world!

Agoura Hills

Dear Dad,

You’re the best dad anyone can ever have. You always make me laugh and smile. It is so fun to walk around the neighborhood with you and the dog. It is fun when we race from stoplight to stoplight. We have so much fun talking while walking with the dog even though you wake me up super early in the morning. I love you so much, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Agoura Hills

Dear Daddy,

I hope you have an amazing Father’s Day! I will always remember the day we were at the mall and you started singing the most random songs. I love you, Daddy!

Agoura Hills

you are amazing,
Adventurous and kind.
Taught me to ride a bike
And the only math I didn’t mind.
Master Chef extraordinaire,
Can cook up a storm
And make me smile whenever the time.
Loved me since I was born.
Once you ate a hot dog
That had fallen in some flames.
We called it the “Dirty Dog,”
And we are proud of the name.
Dad, you are amazing,
Humorous and wonderful.
You’re always considerate and caring.
And every day I spend with you
is bright and colorful. 

Westlake Village

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