2017-04-20 / Letters

Don’t blame bad dogs

L.A. County recently passed a law making dogs that do not pass a temperament test unavailable to animal rescue organizations. I am strongly opposed to this new ruling.

Dogs that come into the shelters as strays or are dumped and abandoned by their owner are often scared, stressed, confused and many are abused and starved. They need a chance for a better life.

It is immoral to kill a dog that has not passed a temperament test, or who has already been labeled “rescue” for an extended time.

Dogs new to the shelter that do not pass their temperament test are now scheduled to be euthanized after their short holding period is up. Many of these dogs will respond with patience, love and proper training.

Our rescue dog was timid and scared and would not have passed the test either. Our vet had to muzzle her. With patience, love and training, she is now a registered therapy dog and visits with sick and emotionally disturbed children and adults. She has unconditional love for everyone.

I urge everyone to contact their county supervisor to protest this new law. We are their only voice.

Lois Kessler
Agoura Hills

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