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Miss Singles Awareness Day?

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Ela Lindsay

Oh darn. It seems I forgot to celebrate Singles Awareness Day this year.

As a matter of fact, somehow this past quarter of 2017 has slipped by so quickly that I’ve missed a boatload of other festivities as well.

As I’m the kind of person who likes to celebrate both the big and little things in life, forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or any special occasion is a travesty to me. I’m the one at the office who commemorates Happy Purple Tuesday, a designation I started a few years ago, and it still thrills me when someone else wears the color that day.

Celebrations matter to me. But for some reason, this year has totally gotten away from me. I didn’t even wish any of you a Happy Earth Day or Easter or Passover, and I’m sure I missed a ton of birthdays and other milestones.

Goodness knows what other festivities passed me by during my curious haze days. Maybe it was because I knew I needed to get my taxes done. I left them until the last minute and fretted about them in the meantime.

But now that’s taken care of for another year, so I feel like I can finally breathe again.

In the meantime, a whole world filled with spring blooms and lush greenery has sprung up all around me, and I have a lot of celebrations to catch up with.

So, vowing I wouldn’t miss any more, I signed up for daily emails from the website www.NationalDayCalendar.com.

On the first day, I was notified of six special events that were no doubt being played out in full titlt across America.

It’s a good thing I checked out the postings on April 11 because it was National Pet Day, so I made sure to give some extra attention to my pooch.

April 11 was also National Eight Track Tape Day, National Barbershop Quartet Day, National Cheese Fondue Day, National Submarine Day and National Library Workers Day.

Since then, a ton of special days have come and gone, including National Reach as High as You Can Day, National Take a Wild Guess Day, National Bean Counter Day and National Columnists’ Day.

Surely no one would want to miss the festivities that must abound across the states during those times.

Needless to say, not long after receiving so many weird and wacky notices, I unsubscribed from the site. It was too much, even for Ms. Wants To Celebrate Everything.

However, one I’ll mark on my calendar for next year is Singles Awareness Day, which occurs Feb. 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. Although I noticed its initials spell “sad,” I found out from another site that lists celebrations, DaysOfTheYear.com, that Singles Awareness Day is “a humorous holiday to celebrate being single, to share with single friends, to send each other presents or even order yourself some flowers. On this day many people wear green, as it is the complementary opposite of red.”

The site also says many singles take a trip to celebrate Carnival in Brazil, where Valentine’s Day is not observed.

Days of the Year also states, “Some who celebrate Singles Awareness Day just want to remind romantic couples that they don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate life, and that the key to being happy is being able to be happy with yourself.”

So let’s give a nod to the day by celebrating it today and every day from here on in. Happy Singles Awareness Day, everyone!

Ela Lindsay is a single writer in Ventura County. To catch up on her bimonthly columns, visit www.theacornonline.com. For comments or suggestions, email elindsay@theacorn.com.

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