2017-03-16 / Police


Agoura Hills

A shoplifter snatched a $40 bottle of vodka from the Vons store in the 5600 block of Kanan Road March 2.

Electronic equipment worth $1,000, including a laptop computer and two iPods, were stolen from a home on Castlehill Drive Feb. 25.

A thief stole a $200 portable power pack and caused $190 in damage breaking into a car parked on Las Virgenes Road Feb. 24.

A $50 navigation system and $40 TV antenna were taken from an unlocked vehicle parked on Strawberry Hill Drive Feb. 24.

A patron at Islands in the 29700 block of Agoura Road reported that someone stole her wallet containing bank cards and $60 in cash Feb. 24.


A burglar stole $2,800 in cash, $1,500 worth of Chinese currency and 24 coins valued at $500 from a home on Garrett Court March 3. The culprit caused $500 in damage to get into the house.

Someone stole a $ 2,500 tankless water heater from a home on Cold Canyon Road in Monte Nido. The theft occurred between Feb. 23 and March 1.

A vandal shattered the window of a car parked on Las Virgenes Road Feb. 28. The value of the loss was $300.

Someone stole a suitcase containing $ 2,200 worth of haircutting tools from a car parked on Poppyseed Lane Feb. 26.

A thief shattered a $ 200 car window to steal a reusable shopping bag that contained a water bottle and towel. The incident occurred Feb. 25 on Mulholland Highway near Las Virgenes Road.

A toolbox containing $2,000 worth of tools and a $500 portable car battery were stolen from the Durham School Bus facility in the 4000 block of Las Virgenes Road Feb. 24.

Someone stole a backpack containing bank cards and a driver’s license and caused $400 in damage breaking a window of a car parked in the 26700 block Agoura Road Feb. 24.

A $50 backpack was taken from a car parked on Redbluff Drive Feb. 24. The culprit shattered a $100 window to get into the car.

A thief broke into a truck parked on Las Virgenes Road Feb. 19 and stole a Marine-issued flak vest and duty belt with six empty magazines. The items were valued at $1,600.

Westlake Village

A shoplifter stole a $ 350 computer tablet from the Staples store in the 5700 block of Lindero Canyon Road March 4.

A thief stole about $1,500 worth of golfing gear from a rack at the Westlake Golf Course in the 4800 block of Lakeview Canyon Road March 2.

A burglar stole a $1,000 safe containing $10,000 in cash and a $4,500 diamond bracelet and caused $500 in damage to get into a home on Kerrmoor Drive Feb. 27.

A thief stole a $1,500 computer, a $500 iPad, a $500 purse and other items valued at about $600 from a car parked near the total Woman Gym in the 30700 block of Russell Ranch Road Feb. 25.

Robbers stole $41,500 in cash from Barone’s Pizzeria on Russell Ranch Road Feb. 23. They caused $10,000 in damage to a glass door when they broke in.

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