2017-03-16 / Letters

Objects to vote by City Council

Where is the real Harry Schwarz?

Did the pod people take him and replace him with a developer clone?

I was at all eight hours of the March 8 Agoura Hills City Council meeting on the proposed Cornerstone mixed-use development. The hearing was packed with concerned citizens, standing room only.

At the end of all the testimony from citizens and experts against the project as it is projected, the City Council debated and discussed the issue.

Unfortunately, it was a 3-2 vote in favor of this first overdeveloped, precedent-setting project in Agoura Village.

City Councilmember Schwarz read his decision from a lengthy prepared text, and voted in favor of Cornerstone.

But this is not the Harry I know, supported and voted for.

Pat MacGregor
Agoura Hills

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