2017-03-16 / Health & Wellness

Treatment available for leg and back pain

Alexander P. Hersel, M.D. and Bradley Spiegel, M.D. of Pain Management and Injury Relief Medical Center have achieved results for back and leg pain with a new treatment.

The center offers minimally-invasive, 10-kHz high-frequency therapy spinal cord stimulation.

This FDA-approved therapy is backed by 24-month clinical data with proven efficacy in patients suffering from low back and leg pain.

According to 2016 data, 92 percent of patients who took part in trials of the HF10 therapy experienced significant pain relief, and chose to move forward with the permanent implant.

Of these patients, 84 percent have sustained pain relief and significant improvements in functionality, and many patients have decreased their dependency on pain medications.

PMIR Medical Center was the first practice in the Conejo Valley to use this new technology among its available treatment options.

“From experience, this is the most profound medical treatment on the market that allows us to finally effectively treat back and leg pain for a lifetime without requiring long-term recovery and possible progression of the degenerative complications associated with the most common back surgeries,” says Hersel.

Neuromodulation is a class of therapies that work directly on the nervous system to rebalance the activity of neural circuits and reduce pain symptoms.

Spinal cord stimulators, commonly used to treat severe lower back and leg pain, deliver electrical pulses that disrupt pain signals before they reach the brain. The Senza spinal cord stimulation system, which offers Nevro’s proprietary HF10 therapy, provides electrical pulses to the spinal cord at a high frequency.

Paresthesia is a stimulation-induced sensation that can include tingling, burning or pricking.

Along with pain relief without paresthesia, the HF10 therapy offers many other benefits.

“It’s FDA-approved for driving whereas other stimulators are not,” says Spiegel.

The device is small and easy to implant during an out-patient surgical procedure. The battery must be charged for 20 to 40 minutes daily.

Unlike intrathecal pumps, another treatment option for back pain, HF10 therapy does not require medication or maintenance.

The therapy is intended for use in patients with severe back and leg pain where the cause of the pain cannot be clearly determined, and also for treatment of back pain that has not responded to surgery.

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