2017-02-16 / Police


Agoura Hills

A vandal caused $ 200 in damage scratching the body of a car parked in the 30800 block of Agoura Road Feb. 1.

A thief stole a $100 cellphone from an unlocked vehicle parked on Forestridge Drive Jan. 31.

Someone broke into a car parked in the 5000 block of Kanan Road Jan. 29 and stole a $1,500 purse containing a $2,500 wallet, $150 in cash and a driver’s license. The thief caused $600 in damage to the car.

A thief stole a $250 shoulder bag and a $700 pair of eyeglasses from a vehicle on Kanan Road Jan. 28. The culprit shattered a $200 window to get in.

A burglar took about $13,000 worth of items, including two go-kart engines, a generator and work tools, from a storage trailer belonging to an automotive shop in the 28200 block of Dorothy Drive Jan. 25.

A resident reported that a vandal caused $30 in damage to a shed in the 30400 block of Mulholland Highway Jan. 22.

Someone caused $ 700 in damage shattering two car windows and snatched a $50 wallet containing $35 in cash, a driver’s license and bank cards from a vehicle parked on Colodny Drive Jan. 21.


A thief stole a blank check from an office table in the 23900 block of Calabasas Road Feb. 1. A surveillance camera shows a white man in his late 50s wearing tan shorts, a black Led Zeppelin T-shirt, a white baseball cap and black tennis shoes at the site when the incident occurred.

Someone stole a wallet containing bank cards and a remote control device valued at $100 from an unlocked vehicle parked on Park Contessa Feb. 1.

A burglar stole a $1,600 photo camera, a $500 lens and a $100 camera bag, and caused $400 in damage shattering a window to get into a vehicle parked in the 4700 block of Commons Way Jan. 31. This was one of several incidents in the Commons shopping center’s parking lot that day. Culprits shattered the windows of three others vehicles and took a backpack, a jacket and a $1,200 laptop computer.

Multiple thefts from unlocked cars occurred on Lost Springs Drive Jan. 31. Among the items stolen were a $20 gift card, a driver’s license, house keys and car registration papers from one; a $500 iPhone from another; and a $150 golf club set and iPod from a third car. According to the report, a security video shows a person wearing baggy clothes and a baseball cap entering one of the unlocked cars in that area.

A thief took a $200 iPod, two pairs of sunglasses valued at $500 and a $20 flashlight from an unlocked car parked on Arroyo Willow Lane Jan. 27.

A burglar stole a $ 12,000 diamond ring and a $1,200 gold bar and caused $500 in damage breaking into a car parked on Park Belmonte Jan. 27.

Someone stole a $450 winter coat and about $400 worth of items from an unlocked car parked on Las Virgenes Road Jan. 26.

A resident on Deer Trail Court reported that someone stole hospital invoices and a remote key entry to Kaiser Hospital from the front seat of a car. The incident occurred Jan. 25

Someone stole a package containing a $150 rifle from the front porch of a home on Las Virgenes Road Jan. 25.

Hidden Hills

Burglars caused $1,500 in damage shattering a bedroom window of a home on Annie Oakley Road Feb. 1. The residents were home when the incident occurred and the culprits fled. Police obtained a surveillance video showing three men walking at the rear of the property and toward the bedroom balcony.

Westlake Village

A customer reported that someone stole her wallet Feb. 1 while she was at Panera Bread in the 5700 block of Lindero Canyon Road.

A thief stole a wallet and a cellphone from an unlocked car parked at Costco in the 5700 block of Lindero Canyon Road Jan. 31. The incident occurred as the victim was loading groceries into the vehicle. According to a sheriff’s representative, these kinds of thefts are on the rise in area shopping center parking lots and gas stations as culprits snatch purses and other valuables inside a car while the driver is distracted.

Burglars stole a $3,000 laptop computer, a $1,200 drone and other items worth about $1,000 from a car parked on Bowsprit Circle Jan. 30.

An $1,800 laptop computer, $800 purse and $80 worth of items were taken from an unlocked car parked on Waterside Lane Jan. 28.

A $1,200 bicycle was stolen from the underground parking area of an apartment complex on Lindero Canyon Road Jan. 26.

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