2014-02-20 / Community

Calabasas launches Connect app

The City of Calabasas has launched its new mobile app, Connect with Calabasas.

The free app enables residents’ service requests regarding potholes, noise complaints, dangerous conditions, graffiti, and other concerns to be submitted directly to the city, where they will be instantly routed to the appropriate department and responded to quickly and efficiently.

Residents will be notified the instant problems are resolved. They can also view service requests in their area and “vote up” requests to get the issue resolved even more quickly.

Residents can track the progress of their requests in real time, and will receive status updates.

The app, which is available from both the iTunes app store and Google Play, is also a source of information for city-related news, including upcoming events and emergency notifications.

The Connect with Calabasas web portal can be found on the front page of the city’s website at www.cityofcalabasas.com/ publicstuff.

The portal allows Calabasas residents to submit online service requests directly from their computers after setting up an account.

For those with smart phones or other mobile devices, requests can also be submitted directly through the app.

The Connect with Calabasas app was developed in partnership with PublicStuff.

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