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Both sides guilty of sign theft

Two weeks ago I purchased two lawn signs in support of President Obama’s reelection campaign from the Ventura Democratic Party. I placed them in the median strip on Lindero Canyon Road.

When I drove past the next day, they’d both been removed, though signs for the Republican candidate remained in place. Later, I saw another Obama/ Biden sign in the median, and within a day, this, too, was gone.

It’s cowardly, unfair and illegal to remove another party’s campaign signs. Based on which signs were removed and which remain, it’s clear who’s up to these dirty tricks.

President Obama is predicted to win California’s electoral vote, and it’s unfortunate that members of the opposition feel they must stoop to these tactics in order to give the appearance of unanimous local support for their candidate.

Joel Goldes

Oak Park

On Lindero road near my offi ce, there is a center divider that the City of Westlake keeps nicely landscaped with a nicely mowed lawn and trees. The local folks are using the lawn area to place their political signs, and for a while there sat a Romney/Ryan sign, among other signs for local political races.

Just two days ago, I noticed that the Romney sign had company— right next to it sat an Obama/Biden sign. I just drove on Lindero Road and the Obama sign is still there, but the only thing left of the Romney sign is the pole.

Apparently placing an Obama sign was not good enough for someone, so off came the Romney sign. So much for liberal tolerance. Pathetic.

Becky Salan-Motta

Agoura Hills

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