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Boy missing

T.J. Maxon T.J. Maxon A teenage boy is missing and his parents want him back.

According to police, Tanner James Maxon, 15, could be staying with friends in Thousand Oaks. His girlfriend, age 13 or 14, also could be with him, police said.

Also known as T.J., Tanner is 5 feet 9 inches tall and 140 pounds and has brown hair and blue eyes. He is a student at Oak Park High School.

The boy left his home June 18 and was reported as a runaway on June 20. He’s disappeared before.

“Tanner has a history running away from home. Tanner was last reported as a runaway in January 2010,” a police report said.

The boy was last seen at a friend’s house in Thousand Oaks on June 21.

“An adult at this residence was advised to call dispatch if he returns,” the report said.

On June 26 Tanner called an acquaintance and asked to stay the night, but was refused, the report said.

Anyone who is helping the boy to avoid returning home could be criminally prosecuted, the report said.

Anyone who sees Tanner is asked by police to immediately call (805) 654-9511 and report his whereabouts.

For other information, call the East Valley Investigations Unit at (805) 494-8208.

—Nancy Needham

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