2008-05-08 / Letters

Chamber supports right to vote on traffic initiative

The Agoura/Oak Park/Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce's board of directors has voted to support the "Right to Vote on Traffic Congestion" initiative that will appear on the Thousand Oaks June ballot as Measure B.

Under Measure B, very large developments, such as big box stores, will require a vote of the public if found to cause significant traffic congestion.

Measure B gives the voters of Thousand Oaks the right to protect their quality of life and shape the future of the city as they see fit. The Agoura/Oak Park/ Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce trusts the vision and intelligence of Thousand Oaks voters to make the right decisions to improve the local economy and protect small business.

The Chamber of Commerce invited both supporters and opponents of Measure B to make a presentation. Only the "Yes on Measure B" campaign took part; its opponents declined to make a presentation.

Measure B was put on the ballot when over 15,000 Thousand Oaks voters signed petitions to bring it to the ballot. The Chamber joins Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks, Thousand Oaks City Councilmember Claudia Bill-de la Peña, and, most importantly, hundreds of Thousand Oaks residents who have endorsed Measure B.

Measure Bgives Thousand Oaks residents the right to vote on future largescale developments that severely impact traffic. The initiative trusts voters to decide between good development and bad development. Thousand Oaks residents will have the power to control growth and protect our quality of life.

Louis Masry

president, Agoura/Oak Park/ Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce

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