2007-06-07 / Family

Time to get planting

Summer is nearly here and it's time to replant after the winter freeze. Montgomery Knox of Malibu Coast Nursery filmed a Channel 7 news special on how to recover from the winter frost damage.

Knox is the founder, owner and manager of Malibu Coast Nursery. He is the son of Harvey Knox, a developer in Malibu who built the Malibu Bay Club and Whalers Village Club. Montgomery Knox was assigned the landscape responsibility for both projects.

The nursery has grown from a 1- to a 2-acre nursery, providing Agoura and surrounding cities with quality plants and trees at or below competitors' prices.

The landscaping division is headed by Montgomery Knox, who has nearly 40 years of installation and design experience. From the small ma-and-pa condominium to large palatial estates, he enjoys working with owners to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Malibu Coast Nursery is at 2468 Troutdale Drive, Agoura Hills. For information, call (818) 865-8887.

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