2000-12-14 / Community

Classic ideas are best for family fun

As you prepare for winter, consider low-cost, creative ways to entertain your kids at home–– particularly during school breaks or when inclement weather prohibits outdoor activities. Here are a few ideas for children of all ages:

Rent classic family videos and watch them in sleeping bags or on a big picnic blanket.

Play card games like "Old Maid" or "Go Fish" or play a favorite board game.

Plan a creative coloring hour using coloring books and crayons. Not only is this fun for young children, but it can be therapeutic for teens and adults. Use the finished product for homemade place mats.

Make homemade jewelry or other crafts using favorite cereals or pasta noodles.

Host a musical game night with neighborhood kids. Play games such as "Musical Chairs," "Hot Potato" and "Name That Tune" to expose youngsters to different music genres and eras.

Bake homemade cookies or other desserts, making sure every family member has a task.

Host a series of gift wrapping contests as a fun way to express artistic creativity and help wrap family gifts. Recipients will appreciate this unique homemade touch.

Introduce family talent night where family members can explore and showcase their various gifts and talents, such as singing, dancing, poetry or comedy. Be sure to have a video camera on hand to capture these moments.

Curl up next to a blazing fireplace with cups of hot cocoa and read nursery rhymes or children’s books, or sing campfire songs.

Create homemade greeting cards by cutting out pictures from old magazines and crafting a personalized message to a distant relative or friend.

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