2017-03-23 / Police


Agoura Hills

A vandal shattered the window of a car parked on Kanan Road March 13 resulting in $300 damage.

A thief stole a package containing $970 worth of merchandise from the front of a home on Jon Dodson Drive March 10.

A burglar took $320 in cash and caused $200 in damage breaking into Agoura Beauty Supply in the 5800 block of Kanan Road March 8. Someone also caused $200 in damage while tampering with the door of the neighboring Great Clips hair salon the same night.

A thief stole $30 and caused $150 in damage breaking into Tic Toc Cleaners in the 5700 block of Kanan Road March 8.

Someone stole a $700 laptop computer and a $50 briefcase, and shattered a window to get into a car parked on Kanan Road March 6.

A burglar stole a $1,000 laptop computer and caused $300 in damage to a car parked near the Wood Ranch restaurant in the 5000 block of Cornell Road March 6.

A $1,200 laptop computer, a $400 tablet and a $120 briefcase were stolen from a car parked by Yamato’s restaurant in the 28700 block of Roadside Drive March 6. The culprit caused $500 in damage breaking into the car. The burglar apparently targeted another vehicle parked in the area the same day and stole a $1,000 laptop computer.

A thief stole a $3,000 computer, a $500 backpack, a $400 pair of prescription glasses and a $300 headset, and caused $1,000 in damage to get into a vehicle parked in the 28900 block of Canwood Street March 6.

A thief broke into three cars parked on Cornell Road March 6. The culprits took a $120 backpack with an $1,800 laptop computer and caused $800 in damage to one of the vehicles. From a second car they took a $1,200 laptop and $100 worth of school supplies, and shattered a window valued at $800, and from the third they stole a $600 computer. That car sustained $600 in damage.

A resident on Fairview Place reported that someone stole mail from his mailbox and later tried to open a new credit card in his name. The incident occurred between Feb. 22 and 24.


A burglar took a jacket, a messenger bag, a $700 laptop computer and sports equipment valued at $120 from a car parked on Las Virgenes Road March 12.

Someone used a counterfeit $100 bill to pay for merchandise at the Albertsons store in the 26500 block of Agoura Road March 12.

A vandal caused $ 300 in damage to a car parked near a home on Wrencrest Drive March 12. The victim was alerted when she heard someone banging on her front door and garage door. She walked outside and saw a vehicle speed away.

A thief stole a car registration from an unlocked vehicle parked on Kenrose Circle March 11.

Someone stole a $200 gold pouch from an unlocked car parked on Vicasa Drive March 11. The pouch was later recovered on the ground nearby.

A resident on Park Belmonte reported that someone shattered a $ 200 sliding glass window and ransacked a home March 9. Surveillance video shows three men walking outside of the residence and then crawling into the house through a bedroom. The resident had yet to determine if anything was stolen when the report was filed.

A vandal caused $ 200 in damage shattering the glass door of the Santa Monica Mountains visitor center in the 26800 block of Mulholland Highway March 8.

A burglar stole a $4,000 thermal camera and about $6,000 worth of other work equipment from a vehicle parked on Park Hermosa March 4.

A shoplifter stole an $800 cellphone from a display at the Verizon store in the 4600 block of Commons Way March 4.

A thief stole a briefcase containing a digital recorder and legal documents worth a combined $300 and caused $200 in damage shattering a window to get into a car parked at The Commons shopping center March 4.

Someone stole the registration tag from a car parked on Lost Hills Road March 2.

A vandal caused $2,000 in damage to a vehicle parked on Park Mirasol between Feb. 28 and March 1.

Westlake Village

A resident on Barrett Drive reported March 11 being the victim of fraud when a seller online failed to deliver tickets she purchased via Craigslist for a Nickelodeon awards show. The loss was $375.

A burglar stole a wallet containing $200 in cash, a driver’s license and credit cards from a car parked in the 30700 block of Russell Ranch Road March 9. The culprit used the stolen cards to make more than $1,000 worth of fraudulent purchases.

A thief stole a $1,500 laptop computer and a $300 backpack after breaking into a car parked in the 30900 block of Russell Ranch Roach March 6. It was one of three car burglaries in that area that day, all involving shattered windows and stolen laptops.

A burglar reportedly stole a piano and a keyboard valued at $2,500, as well as hundreds of dollars worth of toys from a storage unit in the 5700 block of Corsa Avenue. The incident occurred between December and March 4.

A thief took a $150 briefcase containing electronic cords and $100 in cash, and $350 prescription eyeglasses from a car parked on Beachfront Lane March 3.

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