2017-04-27 / Police


Agoura Hills

A vandal caused $2,000 in damage scratching the paint and puncturing the tires of a vehicle parked on Freetown Lane April 15.

A bag containing tax documents was stolen from a car parked on Rista Drive April 14. The culprit shattered a window to get into the vehicle.

A vandal caused $ 400 in damage to the cargo door of a business in the 28500 block of Canwood Street April 14.

Someone stole a $100 gym bag and caused $ 1,000 in damage shattering the window of a car parked on Davids Road April 14.

A resident on Davids Road reported that someone shattered a $200 window to get into her home April 12.

A $2,000 laptop computer and $50 backpack containing $300 worth of items were stolen from a vehicle parked on Woodglen Drive April 10.

A burglar stole a $400 backpack, $600 pair of sunglasses, $150 wallet with bank cards and other items valued at $100 from a car parked on Jim Bowie Road April 9.

Someone caused $2,000 in damage trying to break into the booth of the 76 gas station in the 28200 block of Dorothy Drive April 8.

A thief stole two sets of keys from a car parked on Revere Way April 7.


A thief stole a $400 wallet from a purse on a table at Toscanova restaurant in the 4700 block of Commons Way April 17.

A resident on Lost Springs Drive reported that someone stole eight packages containing about $400 worth of items from the front of her home April 14.

A thief stole four bicycles, an air compressor and other tools, altogether worth more than $20,000, from a home that was being renovated on Mulholland Highway April 14.

A burglar caused $ 200 in damage breaking into a car parked on Mulholland Highway and stole $400 worth of items. The incident occurred April 12.

A $2,000 iMac, $500 worth of jewelry, and several watches valued at more than $10,000 were stolen from a home on Park Hacienda April 10. The culprit caused $1,500 in damage shattering a window to get in the house.

Westlake Village

A burglar stole $ 21,000 worth of DJ equipment from a storage unit in the 5700 block of Corsa Avenue. The incident occurred between Dec. 1, 2016, and April 16.

A thief stole a bag containing emergency supplies worth $600 and $ 60 worth of other items from an unlocked car parked in front of a home on Catarina Drive April 11.

A burglar stole a backpack containing a $900 laptop computer and $1,900 in cash, as well as a $200 iPad from a car parked on Regents Court April 11. The thief caused $ 500 in damage breaking in.

Someone stole a purse containing a wallet, bank cards, $80 in cash and a pair of $50 earbuds from a car parked in the 5700 block of Lindero Canyon Road April 9.

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